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Delicious, Evasive, And Unassuming

Would you describe Karmadillos as delicious, evasive, and unassuming? Well, Karmadillos has been mentioned in two OnlyInYourState online articles saying as much. Is this a significant achievement? Well, OnlyInYourState has a team of travel writers who have penned over 90,000 articles highlighting the hidden gems, little known attractions, and natural wonders of each of the 50 unique states.

Let’s get to the articles, shall we. The first article ranks Karmadillos number 9 out of 11 “little known restaurants” in Montana that are “hard to find but worth the search”. We made the top 10! The article also states that we are “a charming Mexican restaurant with mouthwatering food and the best views in town.” That is a nice thing to say. Without further ado, here is the link to 11 Hard To Find Montana Restaurants That Are Worth The Search.

Do you have a bucket list? This article wants to add 12 Montana restaurants to your dining bucket list. And guess who made the list? The answer should be fairly obvious unless you’re reading this somewhere besides the Karmadillos website. And again we made the top 10. This time at the number 10 spot. This article’s food description doesn’t top the previous article’s description so I’ll just let the article do the talking. Here is the link. 12 Delicious And Unassuming Restaurants In Montana.

Come up and see us for lunch or dinner. Maybe you will agree that we are delicious, evasive, and unassuming. Maybe you will discover a new adventure. Be forewarned as we will only guarantee great food and a great view.

Spicy Showdown

Are you a fan of Spaghetti Westerns? Do you like seeing Clint Eastwood in a showdown? Interested in participating in a spicy showdown? What is a spicy showdown you ask? It is Karmadillos’s version of a food challenge. Have we caught your attention?

Well, this “sideshow” type event caught enough attention from the Helena Independent Record for them to do a story. Angela Brandt, a journalist, came to perform a interview with our chief chilihead. After grabbing a few quotes, Angela was lucky enough to witness the challenge in action. She was able to vividly capture the action for the story, like only a seasoned journalist could.

If you would like to read the story as it appeared in the Helena Independent Record, you may click here. Don’t forget to comeback and visit our homepage to keep informed about the affairs atop of the alley.  Also, the best way to acquire our food is to stop on by. You’re always welcome!

Ghostly impression

Ghostly History

The Ghost Pepper. Officially known as Bhut jolokia. King of the peppers.

Scoville heat chart
Scoville heat chart

Hottest of them all. Ghostly is right. Or at least until recently anyway. The Carolina Reaper Pepper has now surpassed the Ghost Pepper as the hottest pepper.

Why am I blogging about the hottest types of chili peppers? Well, for one, chiliheads love to talk about chili peppers. And peppers are what gives our Southwestern food its kick. Chili peppers are peppered, pun intended, throughout our recipes. A little spice doesn’t hurt anybody.

In fact, capsaicin, the active component in chili peppers, has some health benefits. The capsaicin in certain peppers may boost your metabolism, reduce hunger, and lower blood pressure. Of course, since we are a restaurant and not a doctor’s office, you may want to follow that up with a visit with a medical professional. Then hurry to our kitchen after confirming the good news.

Karmadillos Southwestern Cafe makes all of their own salsa. One of the salsas is made out of Ghost Peppers. Which is another reason I decided to blog about the subject. You are welcome to come try to High Plains Drifter and see if you can withstand its ghostly impression.

Actual Newspaper Article with some videos

I am going to leave you with a couple of items. The first item is an article written by Jeff Windmueller for the Helena Independent Record. I won’t describe the article. I will just let you read it here. The second thing that I wanted to share with our visitors is a couple of YouTube videos. These videos show a couple of hot pepper eating challenges.

The Carolina Reaper seems extreme. The poor girl on the left seems to be greatly affected. I do not mind a little bit of the hotness but not so much that I feel like I would die. I am not sure I want to have  that feeling. At least to what the three individuals in the video below is doing. Have some milk and yogurt nearby.

As you can see, there is a lot to talk about when it comes to chili peppers. This blog post really got out of hand. There is even more information I could talk about. But since you are probably not interested in reading my ramblings on the internet all night, I will wrap this up here.

And as always, remember to come back to our website after you’re done searching the internet for Ghost Peppers and other hot peppers.

A cafe with a view: Helena’s Karmadillos

Have I told you about the view from Karmadillos Southwestern Cafe? Yes, I have. But I thought this would be a good time to reiterate the subject. The rumor about the view from our restaurant has reached Great Falls, Montana. Impossible, you say? Well, then how did the Great Falls Tribune hear about it?

How does the rumor that Karmadillos has a great view from our deck reach a city 90 miles North of us? In most cases, the closest Karma Chilihead has come to visiting Great Falls is when we are floating the Missouri River. Oh yes, us chiliheads need a mental health day too. And what better way than to float the Mighty Mo. Not to say that there is anything wrong with Great Falls, Montana. We are not about to trash another Montana city or town. We can find the good in all of Montana.

Sorry about getting a bit off track. The article in the Great Falls Tribune also goes into some detail about how good our food is as well. I believe I have repeated enough quotes about our food for you to get the idea. I will just let you read the information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Here is the link to the story.

Don’t forget to come back and visit us after you take a gander at the Great Falls paper.

View from the restaurant patio




Allure of the enchiladas is strong

The “allure of the enchiladas is strong is what one writer for the Helena Independent Record titled her article. Here at Karmadillos Southwestern Cafe, we like the fact that we are alluring our customers in with the smell of our food. We like to say that our burritos, tacos, rice bowls, and rice plates have alluring capabilities as well. To be fair, the writer does mention our zesty salsa.

Also mentioned in the article is the Southwestern décor decorating the inside of our restaurant. Apparently some people, the writer included, believe the décor helps transport you to Arizona, or perhaps over the border, for an hour or so. Although we love our décor, us Karma Chiliheads also believe the concept can be taken too far. We are in Helena, Montana after all. And why would you leave Montana?

If you want to read the original story published in the Helena Independent Record on 01/29/09, click the following link. The Allure of the enchiladas is strong was written by Suki Kitchen. Just don’t forget to come back to our website.