Allure of the enchiladas is strong

The “allure of the enchiladas is strong is what one writer for the Helena Independent Record titled her article. Here at Karmadillos Southwestern Cafe, we like the fact that we are alluring our customers in with the smell of our food. We like to say that our burritos, tacos, rice bowls, and rice plates have alluring capabilities as well. To be fair, the writer does mention our zesty salsa.

Also mentioned in the article is the Southwestern décor decorating the inside of our restaurant. Apparently some people, the writer included, believe the décor helps transport you to Arizona, or perhaps over the border, for an hour or so. Although we love our décor, us Karma Chiliheads also believe the concept can be taken too far. We are in Helena, Montana after all. And why would you leave Montana?

If you want to read the original story published in the Helena Independent Record on 01/29/09, click the following link. The Allure of the enchiladas is strong was written by Suki Kitchen. Just don’t forget to come back to our website.

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