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Welcome to Karmadillos Food Menu.

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Vegetarian, dairy-free, and vegan options are available upon request. Please let your server know about any dietary restrictions and preferences!

Karmadillos menu

Since our regular paper menus are double-sided and folded, the order of the items above in the PDF format are not exactly the same as our in-person copies. We recommend double sided printing for at home use.

Go check out our Facebook Feed for the daily code word. If you say the code word when you are ordering, you will receive a complimentary order of chips and salsa. Each code word is a hint for a theme, which a member of our staff has cunningly devised for your trivia pleasure. At the end of each week, combine all the code words to solve the theme of the week!

Our menu page will update if we add or update any menu items, so make sure to look for the daily feature on our Facebook, as well!

We will be adding an additional Karmadillos food menu with new items such as chimichangas, fish tacos, and jalapeno poppers! Stay tuned to our Facebook for updates on this new release!

Irish Nachos Beef
Coming soon to our everyday menu: Irish Nachos!