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Welcome to Karmadillos About Us Page where you can find more information about us. Our page will contain information on Karmadillos and about Reeder’s Alley, where we are located.


Karmadillos is a restaurant serving traditional Southwestern fare in Helena, Montana. Karmadillos has made it’s home in historic Reeder’s Alley since 2005. Reeder’s Alley is situated in the southwest corner of downtown Helena and is the oldest intact piece of early Helena. Visit the website https://reedersalley.com/ or watch the video below for more information on Reeder’s Alley.


Karma Chilihead believes in fresh food. That is why we cook our food every single day. We slow cook all of our meats (beef, pork, and chicken) in a combination of chili peppers and other spices. Since we want you to visit our restaurant, we will not divulge any more information about our recipes. For your information, we do serve vegetarian options also.

As with our food, we believe salsa should be fresh. That is why Karma Chilihead prepares salsa in-house and on demand. We have our “plain Jane” house salsa. This is the standard issue salsa everyone receives when they order chips and salsa from the menu. There is our famous “High Plains Drifter” salsa. “High Plains Drifter” is made from the famous Ghost Pepper, also known as Bhut jolokia for you scientific chiliheads. That means this salsa is Hot!!! If you want to read more information about the Ghost Pepper, checkout our blog post Ghostly Impression. Our blog writer, Karma Chilihead, goes into more detail. We also make a seasonal salsa that is quite tasty, if we say so ourselves. Our salsa can be packaged, and sold, to go so that you may enjoy some at home.

Salsa warning
High Plains Drifter salsa bottle

Locally owned and operated with connections to New Mexico and growing range of the southern

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Rocky Mountains. With 2 colleges in town (Carroll College and Helena College – University of Montana) and various area high schools, we rely heavily on college and high school students for our staffing needs. They do their best to accommodate the needs of our customers. So please be tolerate. A smile and warm welcome goes a long way in making their day.

Karmadillos Southwestern Cafe has hired a webmaster, blog writer, and all around social media guru. This supposed “guru” is named Karma Chilihead. Karma Chilihead will be responsible for updating, maintaining, and writing blog posts for this website. He will also use the name Karma Chilihead to refer to the owner of Karmaradillos.

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Is there is something you would like to see on our website? Contact the webmaster at karma.chilihead@karmadilloscantina.com. Karma Chilihead will take your suggestion under advisement.