Delicious, Evasive, And Unassuming

Would you describe Karmadillos as delicious, evasive, and unassuming? Well, Karmadillos has been mentioned in two OnlyInYourState online articles saying as much. Is this a significant achievement? Well, OnlyInYourState has a team of travel writers who have penned over 90,000 articles highlighting the hidden gems, little known attractions, and natural wonders of each of the 50 unique states.

Let’s get to the articles, shall we. The first article ranks Karmadillos number 9 out of 11 “little known restaurants” in Montana that are “hard to find but worth the search”. We made the top 10! The article also states that we are “a charming Mexican restaurant with mouthwatering food and the best views in town.” That is a nice thing to say. Without further ado, here is the link to 11 Hard To Find Montana Restaurants That Are Worth The Search.

Do you have a bucket list? This article wants to add 12 Montana restaurants to your dining bucket list. And guess who made the list? The answer should be fairly obvious unless you’re reading this somewhere besides the Karmadillos website. And again we made the top 10. This time at the number 10 spot. This article’s food description doesn’t top the previous article’s description so I’ll just let the article do the talking. Here is the link. 12 Delicious And Unassuming Restaurants In Montana.

Come up and see us for lunch or dinner. Maybe you will agree that we are delicious, evasive, and unassuming. Maybe you will discover a new adventure. Be forewarned as we will only guarantee great food and a great view.