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Karmadillos Southwestern Cafe food
Pork loin Asado served with sides of rice and beans and Gordita shells


Ever since 2005, Karmadillos Southwestern Cafe has been serving traditional Southwestern fare atop of Reader’s Alley. Sitting on the patio, while eating freshly prepared food, one has a good view of Downtown Helena. Most of our dishes offer chicken, pork, beef, or vegetarian options. We offer shrimp as an offering every Friday (better hurry as the shrimp tends to sell out quickly). Be sure to check our Facebook feed to find our daily features and code word for complimentary chips and salsa. Hint: Our Facebook feed is embedded in our website. And why would you want chips and salsa? Well, besides the free part, we make our own salsa.

Karmadillos Southwestern Cafe does not accept reservations and you’re welcome to come as you are. We only ask that you bring a good attitude and a smile (the health department requires a shirt and shoes as well). Margaritas, beer, and wine is available for purchase with the sale of food items.

While you’re visiting our site, don’t forget to take a peek at our menu.

Karmadillos sign
Sign in front of Karmadillos
Whole Enchilada Challenge

Are you interested in food challenges? Does heartburn, indigestion, gas, profuse sweating, hallucinations, and out-of-body-experiences sound appealing? Well then, Karmadillos Southwestern Cafe has such a challenge for you. Bring $40, American, just in case you cannot finish the 64 oz. burrito smothered in our own High Plains Drifter salsa. But if you can successfully complete the Whole Enchilada Challenge, Karma Chilihead will buy you the meal (means it’s free). Before coming up, you may want to take a gander at some of the rules. Click on this link to open up a PDF file of the rules. Read our blog post, Spicy Showdown, about an article published in the Helena Independent Record providing more details on this challenge.

Even if you are not brave enough to face our challenge, we invite you up to our restaurant for a taste of the Southwest in the Northwest. Salude!